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Market Research

Market Research

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Market Research

Data is increasingly becoming the most important tool in our entire lives. Those having data can evaluate it, deduce something from it and thus act successfully on the market. In most cases, data is collected quite obviously. This is what we mean by POS Research & Audits.

However, sometimes it is also good to know how employees or trading partners offer your product to the customer, without being immediately recognized. This is the ideal area of application for our specially trained Mystery Shoppers.

Variants of Market Research at FMS

Market research with Causavera
  • What should a new product look like so that it is noticed by the right target group on the shelf?
  • How can the product of a foreign company be successful on the German market?
  • Why is a product that is already on the market selling so poorly?
  • Why does product A sell better than product B?

We have answers to these questions. Because we have teamed up with the market research institute Causavera. Because together we explore the motives of consumers. Causavera has more than 15 years of experience in POS research. The institute has access to a nationwide network of independent retailers in whose stores it can carry out a wide variety of test scenarios. Causavera develops such tailor-made scenarios for its customers and implements them directly on the market with a professional team. In close cooperation with Causavera, we can thus provide a solid basis for decision-making for the market launch of a new product or problem solving for products that are already on the market.

POS Research & Audits

Market research companies deliver excellent data panels. However, some questions remain unanswered due to the fact that your question is too specific or the well-known monitoring is too general. We will find the answers to your open questions for you directly at the POS or in a direct survey of your customers. There, our research staff uses state-of-the-art technology to collect exactly the data you need, such as prices, placement quality, placement shares, distribution, competitor information, feedback, etc. 

Mystery Shopping
  • How does my trading partner advise his customers about my product?
  • Is our product or that of our competitor recommended?
  • How high is the service level in our branches?
  • What is (not) offered to our guests?

These questions can only be answered objectively by test buyers who remain unrecognized. Therefore, our Mystery Shoppers are on the road to provide you with the input you need for your new concepts or for quality assurance. Mystery Shoppers are also available discreetly when it comes to crisis management.

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