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External Sales Forces

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External Sales Forces

Nowadays, the marketing and sales mix of successful companies can no longer be imagined without them. They boost efficiency with significantly lower costs, rovide your company with additional flexibility and educe risks when introducing new market development concepts.

Variants of External Sales Forces at FMS

Contract Sales Forces

Outsourcing of sales is not an fad, but an important strategical tool in order to work on the market successfully and efficiently. A Contract Sales Force with field staff employed by FMS fulfils at least all the tasks and requirements that companies also have of their own sales force organization.

In most cases, a CSF works much more flexible, reducing personnel and financial risks and having a cost structure which is much more favorable.

Sales Drives

Meanwhile, the temporary assignment of external leasing sales forces as a tactical tool has proven its worth for decades now, in order to

  • turn listing into distribution
  • handle seasonal peaks and highlights
  • assist new product launches with additional manpower
  • develop C-client potentials cost-effectively and regularly
  • or also to professionally fill personnel vacancies in your own sales force organization up to the rehiring or replacement of staff 
Temporary Employment

A further possibility to secure or outsource sales tasks for a limited period of time is the provision of personnel via temporary employment. In contrast to Contract Sales Forces and Sales Drives, field staff can be hired out directly to our clients, being integrated into their organization and controlled by them directly.

Not only has FMS many years of know-how in this field, but above all, the indispensable permission from the Federal Employment Agency to provide temporary staff on a commercial basis.

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