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Brand Activation

Brand Activation

The shortest connection between
two people is a smile.

Brand Activation

The shortest connection between two people is a smile —
This is just as true in contact with the end customer as it is in B2B contact with business customers.
Bringing the brand to life. With this leitmotif, we see ourselves as ambassadors for your brand and convey an optimal product and brand experience for the consumers. From the creative concept to the professional implementation, we are your partner.

Variants of Brand Activation

Outbound Sales

In certain cases, it is most efficient to simply pick up the handset and talk to each other. This is confirmed again and again, especially in B2B projects. From this, we not only win new customers for you, but also do everything we can to increase their sales. Our sales agents are able to

  • Inform about generated leads to a product, a service, a platform
  • Contact C- and D-customers where the sales force has not been able to reach for a long time
  • Submit and follow up monthly sales offers
  • Ensure technical onboarding
Active Sales

From classic tastings at the POS to target-group-specific specialist advice, our sales promoters actively ensure sales and have a lasting contribution to anchoring a positive brand experience in the minds of consumers.

We prove this with many thousands of successful working days. Every year.


Using POS or POI sampling, we approach your customers directly for you. Personal, emotional and individual. This is how we prepare your brand or message for the direct route to the consumer, with target group affinity and minimal spreading loss, and according to the motto:

one consumer at a time.

Trade Fair

One of the highlights of the company's everyday life is also a glamorous personnel setting. You can see our hand picked hosts and hostesses everywhere. This is how we see our task at

  • Trade Fairs
  • Public Fairs
  • Customer events
  • Road Shows

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