External Sales Forces

  • are routinely used in the marketing and sales mix of successful companies
  • boost efficiency with lower costs
  • make your company more flexible
  • reduce risks when introducing new marketing concepts
FMS Außendienstleasing

Contract Sales Forces
Sales Drives

Contract Sales Forces

Outsourcing of sales is not an innovation, but an important strategical tool in order to work on the market successfully and efficiently.

The Contract Sales Force meets all duties and demands companies expect from their own field staff.

Mostly, a CSF works much more efficiently, the personal and financial risk is limited and costs are much lower.

And it is suitable for all different kinds of sales intermediaries.

Sales Drives

Meanwhile, the temporary assignment of external leasing sales forces as a tatctical tool has been proven for decades, to

  • ease seasonal peaks
  • assist new product launches with additional manpower
  • use C-Client-Potential continuously and economically
  • turn listing into distribution
  • fill personnel vacancies in your own field organisation – until new personnel can be found

Promotion & Events

The shortest connection between two people is a smile. That is how we think and act. Every day.

Bringing the brand to life. With this guiding theme, we see ourselves as an ambassador of your brand and impart an optimal product and brand experience.

From a creative approach to professional implementation, we are your partner.

FMS Promotion & Events

Active Sales

Active Sales

Our sales promoters arrange sales actively, ranging from classic sampling to target group specialist counselling, and contribute to ensure a constant and positive brand experience in the consumer‘s mind.

We prove this with thousands of successful working days. Every year.

We exceptionally like to initiate intelligent and interesting Cross- and Bundle-Promotions. We will find the best matching partners for you.


We are approaching your clients directly, whether with Wild-Sampling, Special Interest Sampling, POS- or POI-Sampling or even with Guerilla-Marketing.Personally, emotionally und individually. That is how we pioneer your brand or message for your target group with minimal diffusion and the slogan:
one consumer at a time.

Fair / Event

An outstanding personal support service belongs to the highlights of a company‘s daily life. That is how we see our business at Fairs and Events.

  • Trade Fairs
  • Public Fairs
  • Conferences and Congresses
  • Customer Events
  • Road Shows

You can see our hand picked hosts and hostesses everywhere.

Travelling Merchandising

Well done product presentations, sales promotions and planograms push your sales.
But your trade partners, your branch staff or your field staff do not always have the capacity to set up the stage in time and exactly to your wishes.

FMS Traveling Merchandising
POS Support
Category Management

POS Support

  • Setting up new product placements with after sales service
  • Realizing decoration campaigns
  • Maintaining and taking care of presentation models
  • Creating and implementing second placements, action areas and demonstration units
  • Building up Shop-in-Shop-Systems
  • Executing regular orders

is what our Travelling Merchandisers can do for you. Thus, you get additional free capacity to take care of your customers more intensively.

Category Management

Shelf-layouts and planograms do not only have to be created meticulously in Category Management Processes, but they also have to be realised exactly on location afterwards.
The capacity of trading partners as well as of branch staff or of field staff is limited. And they are usually just too expensive for these tasks.
External travelling merchandisers realize your arrangements right away: True-to-detail, conscientiously, fast and professionally..

We support you in step 7 (Category-plan implementation), and possibly in step 8 (category-verification) of the ECR eight-step process.

POS Logistics

Good sales promotion needs high-quality placement tools at the POS / POI / POP.

The creation and acquisition is one side. But, who then cares for the entire handling?

Also, this issue arises in the small-scale logistics for advertising and POS material.

FMS POS Logistik

Sales Promotion Tools
Advertising and POS Material Store

Sales Promotion Tools

Specially trained and technically savvy merchandisers take care of your placement elements regarding

  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Assembly and disassembly on site
  • Maintenance, repair
  • Inventory Management

This elaborate detail work, we will be happy to take off the coordination of Companies (including electrical and cooling technology).
This gives you plenty of time for your actual business.

Advertising and POS Material Store

Advertising material belongs to successful business necessarily so. But for the stocks alone the access for field staff, administration and also customers has to be enabled and be coordinated.

With special software solution, we not only secure

  • Booking on demand
  • The packing and shipping from our own warehouse
  • Parcel delivery by courier
  • The exact cost center booking
  • And thus a transparent Inventory Management

for your advertising and for your POS material.

We would be happy also to take care of the procurement for you – if you like.

Market Research

Data as a tool is more and more important in our life. If you have access to information, you can analyse it, draw conclusions and successfully act in the market.

Usually, the data is collected openly. That is what POS Research stands for

Nevertheless, it is sometimes good to know, how employees or trade partners offer your product to the customer – while staying anonymous. Therefore, this is the place and time for our special trained Mystery Shoppers.

FMS Market Research

POS Research
Mystery Shopping

POS Research

Market research companies supply excellent data panels. Anyhow, some questions still remain unanswered as your questions might be too specific or the usual monitoring is too general.

We get answers to those questions for you on-site.

Our research staff gathers the information with up-to-date technology, for your spezial need. Information about prices, placement quality, placement shares, distribution and competitors will be collected.

Mystery Shopping

  • What does my trading partner tell his customers about my product?
  • Which product is recommended. Mine or the competitor’s?
  • What is the level of service and consulting in our branches?
  • What is (not) offered to our guests?

These questions can only be answered objectively by anonymous test buyers. Therefore, our Mystery Shoppers are on the road in order to deliver the exact input you need for your new concept and your quality control.

By the way, our Mystery Shoppers are also available in case of crisis management.

Our Units

Extraordinary tasks need specialists for their realisation. Thus, FMS and its wide range of service will offer you exactly the solution you need at any situation.
Junge Frau neben einer Verkäuferin vergleicht zwei Produkte in der Drogerie

One brand, we can not only give a face and a voice at the PoS, but want to achieve measurable sales results.

The shortest distance between two people is a smile. So we think and act every day.